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Anti Bark Collar SO-10

Sonic No bark collar Spec

FunctionEmit sonic loud sound to stop barking
Collar size6.2*3.5*2.75 CM
Collar weight36 gram
Collar Strap75CM Nylon strap
Sensitivity levelAdjustable
Battery4LR44 6V battery
Warranty2 years

Product Description

SO10 Sonic No bark collar Main Feature:

     1. Uses loud but harmless audible sound to control barking

     2.  Lightest bark collar , great for even the smallest dogs

     3.Adjustable sensitivity levels , On/Off switch

     4.Not intended for use in water


How to use it:

1.Place battery correctly

Open the metal Battery Door by a coin.Insert 6-Volt battery and close the Battery Door.Please note correct direction of the battery:the “+” polarity face to metal Battery Door .

2.Test collar

Blow across the microphone hole,The unit should emit a sharp sound . If you do not hear a tone --- check the battery inserting correctly or not and repeat the test.

3.Adjust Sensitivity Level

Begin with the setting in low sensitivity level.If the unit does not emit a sound correction when the dog barks,turn the Switch clockwise to increase the sensitivity level.

4.Fit the Sonic Bark Collar

Be sure the unit is placed in the center of the collar,opposite of the buckle and fits snuggly against the middle of the dog’s throat.The microphone may not activate properly if the collar hangs too loosely.


To prevent damage to the inner ear,do not place the unit next to your ear,the ear of any other human or your pet's ear.Keep out of the reach of children.Do not allow dog to chew on unit.Unit is not waterproo-do not immerse into water.

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