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Anti Bark Collar AE-20
Adjustable 5 sensitivity levels , On/Off switch
Product Description

Product Description:

      AE20 bark control collar Main Features

    1.Lightest bark collar , great for even the smallest dogs

    2 .7 intensity levels for a wide variety of dispositions

    3.Adjustable 5 sensitivity levels , On/Off switch

    4.Waterproof design

    5.Easy testing method to check the Bark Control Collar

    6.Multi-color LED indication

    7.Selective contact points to match the dog’s coat type

    8.Low power consumption

Bark control collar Spec

FunctionEmit shock stimulation to stop barking
Collar size6.1*3.7*3CM
Collar weight52 gram
Collar Strap70CM TPU strap
Sensitivity levelAdjusable , 5 Level
Shock LevelAdjustable
Battery4LR44 6V battery
Warranty2 years

Operation Guide:

        1.Place battery correctly

        Open the metal Battery Door by a coin. Insert 6-Volt battery and close the Battery Door . Please note

        correct direction of the battery : the “+” polarity face to metal Battery Door .

        2.Test collar

        Scratch the rough surface of the Bark Control Collar by a finger nail or pen . The green light on the

        top of collar turns to a blinking green light . Then repeat the same process if you want to test it again . .

        3.Adjust Sensitivity Level

.           Begin with the setting in low sensitivity level . If the unit does not emit a correction when the dog

        barks, turn the Switch clockwise to increase the sensitivity level .

       4.Fit the Bark Control Collar

       Place the collar strap in the middle of the dog’s neck. The Collar should be on the underside of his

       neck althoughon some dog’s necks the collar will naturally seek a slightly off-center position.

        5. Safety protection mode

        To protect the pet from the excessive stimulation , The anti bark collar has safety protection . If the

        anti bark collar has been activated for more than 5 times continuously , it will stop shock for 10

        seconds . While the Red and Green Led will flash in turn . 10 seconds later , the anti bark collar will

        return to sleep mode .

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